Club Website facilities tour - next stop Yorkshire!

Club Website condemned signWith Christmas almost upon us, amateur footballers across the UK are ready to put their feet up and enjoy a much-deserved Christmas break.

We hope you have a great festive season and get to properly re-charge those batteries, because Club Website needs you in the New Year!

We need you to get involved in the Football Revolution and join us in exposing some of the worst facilities that footballers up and down the country are having to put with week in and week out.

We kicked off our tour earlier this month with an eye-opening trip to Birmingham, where we paid a visit to a couple of shocking facilities:

Some of the facilities Club Website came across on our trip to Birmingham

- Senneleys Park where the facilities are currently closed, so the Paschendale FC players that we spoke to after a mudbath of a game couldn't even grab a shower and had to head home caked in mud.

Kings Norton Park where we found the graffiti-covered shacks that Bournville Warriors call home - a couple of portacabins worthy only of storage and for which they pay over £2,000 for the privilege of using pitches that have been waterlogged since the start of December!

We only got to see these facilities because the players, managers and secretaries who put with them each week saw our campaign and got in touch with us, so if you want Club Website to pay your football club a visit then make sure you do the same!

We'll be hitting the road again the new year to check out more run-down buildings, dirty changing rooms and unplayable pitches.

Of course the more we get to see, the stronger our case will be when we take them to the powers that be... so that's where you come in!

People of Yorkshire - we're coming to see you next!

That's right, we'll be heading up the M1 early next year.  We want to see if the public facilities are just as grim up north as they are in the Midlands.

So, if you live anywhere from Leeds to Sheffield or play your football in Doncaster, Barnsley, Rotherham or anywhere else in this football hotbed and you're not happy with the facilities at your disposal then we want to hear from you!

Don't forget your camera!

Get in touch with your tales of woe and, as soon as you get the chance, take your camera with you to your game and send in your photos and videos of just how bad your facilities are!

Whether you've got boarded-up changing rooms, smashed windows, broken doors or showers not fit to wash your dog, then we want to see them.

Grab the pics or vids and then send them to us at Club Website in one of the following ways:

Facebook / Twitter / email

Tell us a bit about the facilities in question - where they are, who owns them, how much they cost you per season and just why there are as bad as they are. We'll be looking for the worst facilities in the Yorkshire area and, if you play Club Website condemned signthere, we might just pay you a visit in the next few weeks!

Just as we did in Birmingham, we'll bring along a few treats for players and spectators alike but, more importantly, we'll use your facilities to help raise this important issue with the powers that be and try to get the situation improved, for you and the wider UK footballing public.

The tour continues, so stay involved!

For the rest of you who have to put up with these sort of facilities, don't despair.  Yorkshire is not the end of the road for the Club Website tour as we'll be visiting other places later in the season.

So wherever you play your football, if your facilities are a nightmare then send us your pictures and videos and Club Website could be paying your football team a visit very soon!

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