Club Website - coming to a football pitch near you!

CW ballFootballers of Birmingham take note - Club Website are coming to town!

Another weekend of football is on the way and we know that the rotten weather won't put you off.

Although, if you're among the 39 percent of the UK's football community who don't have any changing rooms to use week in, week out, then we can understand if you're not too excited to see the rain settling in!

Half of Club Website users have to put up with facilities that are not up to scratch and we just don't think that's good enough. Surely the least any team can expect is a half decent changing room to retire to after the game?

So we've decided to do something about it. As you'll no doubt have seen over recent weeks, Club Website are looking into the lack of decent football facilities in the UK and have been asking our users to help us out... and you haven't disappointed.

You've been sending in photos and videos of your dodgy facilities over the last few weeks and now Club Website want to go one step further and pay some of them a visit... and Birmingham is our first port of call!

West Midlands here we come!

That's right, we'll be visiting the Birmingham area in the next few weeks to take a look at some of the worst facilities in the region, but our final destination hasn't been decided yet... which is where you come in!

If you play in or around Birmingham and you're not happy with the facilities you have to put up with each week then drop us a line. Better still, take your camera to the game this weekend and grab some photos and videos of how bad your facilities are!

Broken windowWhether you've got clapped out changing rooms, filthy showers, smashed windows or broken doors, we want to see them.

Grab the pics or vids, get them off your camera on to your computer and then send them to us here at Club Website by any of the following means:

Facebook / Twitter / email

Tell us a bit about the facilities in question - stuff like where they are, who owns them, how much they cost you per season etc.. We'll be looking for the worst facilities in the Birmingham area and, if you play there, we might just pay you a visit in the next few weeks!

We'll bring a few treats along with us but, more importantly, we'll use your facilities to help raise this important issue with the powers that be and try to improve the situation.

So come on Birmingham, send us your pictures and videos and Club Website could be paying your football team a visit very soon!

You club could be next!

The rest of you, don't depair!  The next leg of our tour hasn't been decided yet and will be influenced by what we receive from you guys out there!

So keep sending in those photos and videos and who knows... we could be visiting your football club next!

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