Your controversies resolved - ask Graham Poll!

Geoff Hurst and the Hand of GodControversy is to football what biscuits are to tea. You love it anyway, but it wouldn't be the same without it!

Where would we be if the beautiful game didn't throw up the occasional argument, debate or even blatant mistake? In a much duller place, that's where.

Think about it. We'd have nothing to talk about in the pub; Fergie would have nothing to complain about when United lose and Sky Sports News would have round-the-clock schedules to fill with stuff other than football.  God forbid!

Of course, multiple camera angles and replays galore magnify any issue that happens in the big games so that no issue goes unanalysed - particularly if one of the big four are involved! - but what happens further down the ladder?

How do you settle a debate when the only people watching are on the pitch plus the one man and his dog on the touchline? Well, that's where Club Website can help out, along with our refereeing guru Graham Poll.

Having spent a long and successful career at the very top of the game, Poll is no stranger to controversy and – before you all start crying out about three yellow cards! – despite one very high profile mistake, he is still widely regarded as the UK ’s top official of the last decade and one of the very best in the world.

And now Mr Poll is on hand to set the record straight for you lot out there - each and every month in The Club House, the monthly e-newsletter from Club Website.

Put your question to Graham and win a prize!

If you have a poser for Graham, email it to or just post it in the comments field below.

The best questions are answered in The Club House and if you ask Graham's 'Question of the Month' you can win a copy of his brand new book, 'Geoff Hurst and the Hand of God'.

So get involved and put Graham Poll on the spot with Club Website!

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