Football facilities in the spotlight - show us what's out there!

RevolutionIt’s official. Football facilities in the UK are not good enough and you lot want something done about it.

When we launched the Football Revolution a few months ago we wanted to find out what mattered most to those of you who play football week in and week out… and you haven’t let us down!

We asked you to name your revolution and you replied in spades. Issues such as improving behaviour and getting rid of cheating in the game were high on the agenda, but not as high as the issue we’re about to put under the spotlight.

Amateur footballers across the UK are properly fed up of using sub-standard facilities when they want to play the beautiful game.

We ran a couple of polls to find out how serious the situation is and it turns out that almost 40 percent of you don’t even have changing rooms to use, while those that do have to put with shabby conditions – broken windows, rooms that don’t lock, cold or blocked showers, that sort of thing.

Cracked windowIn fact, no less than half of you – yes, one in two people surveyed! – described the facilities at your disposal as either “poor” or “terrible”. We don’t think that’s good enough quite frankly… enough is enough!

Club Website will be digging deeper into the matter over the coming months and will raise your concerns with the powers that be – FAs, government, representatives from the professional game.

Whoever needs to be spoken to, we’ll find them and we’ll act as your mouthpiece to make sure the issue gets the attention it requires.

To do this though, we really need you involved. The input we’ve had till now has been great and your comments are really giving us an idea of the problems out there (see a few of these at the foot of this article), but we want to get right to the heart of the matter and that’s where you lot come in!

How bad are your football facilities? We want to see them!

Warning signComrades – this is a call to arms! We want to find out all about the state of the facilities out there, so we need you involved!

We want you to send in examples of the state of facilities out there, so that we can highlight some of the worst examples and take them up with the powers that be.

Whether your place is just too small or too old, too crowded or too dirty, wherther it’s falling apart slowly at the seams or is need of being condemned right now – we want to see it!

We want to see photos and videos of the facilities that you use, along with the key details about them – i.e. where they are, who owns them, how much they cost you per season, how many teams use them and just what makes them as bad as they are?

You can post your pictures or videos on to our Facebook page, send them to us via Twitter or simply email them to us at

We’ll be compiling our dossier of dodgy facilities over the weeks ahead and will be in touch with some of the worst offenders to find out the real inside track. Who knows, we might even come and pay a visit to your place to see just how bad it is!

Spread the word!

You’ve been shaping the debate since the Football Revolution kicked off… just the way we like it. As we’ve said from the beginning, we want to be the voice of amateur football, the voice for all of you out there, so stay involved… and tell your friends… and tell them to tell their friends!

Make no mistake, this is a big issue. The more people we get involved, the better our case will be and the more people will have to stop and take notice. We’ll do the work, but we need the ammunition, so it’s over to you people!

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