The football revolution - onwards and upwards!

The Football RevolutionIt's been a few months now since we launched the new look Club Website and kicked off the football revolution.

From the outset we asked you to shape the debate on the website and we haven't been disappointed.  You've not been shy in telling us what's right and wrong with the game in this country... just the way we like it.

As we said when we launched, we want to be the voice of amateur football and pick up on the big issues affecting you lot out there so, to kick things off, we asked you guys to name your revolution and tell us what you would change about football in this country if you were in charge.

The response was awesome.  We got hundreds of suggestions covering a whole range of issues from both the professional and the grassroots game - everything from high ticket prices to cheating and diving in the game - at all levels.

Thanks to all those of you who contributed. You didn't hold back, that's for sure!

What next?

We want to be a mouthpiece for those involved in the amateur game week in and week out so, although we agreed with loads of what you said on the professional game, we're going to focus our attention on the grassroots - the heart and soul of football in the UK.

And it was pretty clear where we should start this journey as one topic stood out above all others as the big grievance out there.

Broken windowIt seems that people are properly fed up of using sub-standard facilities to play football at amateur level - shabby changing rooms, broken windows, cold or blocked showers, no locks on the doors, that sort of thing.

You know what it's like... we've all been there!

We ran a poll on this subject a while ago and found that half of you are putting up with facilities that are just not good enough... well frankly, we don't think that's good enough.

Judging from your comments and the revolutions you sent to us, what makes it worse for a lot of you is that there is plenty of money in the game at a higher level and just not enough of it is finding its way down the football ladder to the amateur game.

Over the coming weeks and months, Club Website will take a look into this matter and raise your concerns with the powers that be - FAs, government, representatives from the professional game - whoever needs to be spoken to, we'll do our level best to take your concerns to them and find out what they intend to do about the issue.

Stay involved

We really need you guys involved if we're going to make this revolution happen. We'd love to hear your feedback on where we're taking the revolution so email us at

What's more, make sure you keep up to date with what's happening on the matter and contibute to the debate.  We'll be keeping everyone up to speed right here at and on our Facebook and Twitter pages... so watch this space!

You've joined the revolution... now stay involved.  Get the debate going, get other people involved and keep having your say.  The more you shape the debate the better we can represent you.  Power to the people!

The Club Website revolution is just beginning... stay with us and let's make things happen. Onwards and upwards!

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