Diving - not just a professional hazard

'No diving' signIf you've got a game of football this weekend, don't forget your scuba gear... chances are you'll come across some diving! At least that's what we found in a recent Club Website poll.

With diving in the professional game receiving a lot of attention recently, we thought we'd ask if you have ever witnessed players taking a dive in your grassroots games.... and the results we got back don't look good.

More than three quarters of you out there - the Great British footballing public - said that you had seen players diving at the matches you turn out to in parks, schools and grounds across the country.

47 percent of you said that it happens only "occasionally" while a worrying 30 percent reckons it happens "all the time".

That leaves just 23 percent of you who only ever witness diving when watching Tom Daly at the Olympics or, more likely, checking out our professional footballing counterparts strut their stuff on Match of the Day and Super Sunday.

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So, what do you make of those results? Are the professional role models to blame?  Do people only dive because they see professionals trying - and often getting away with it - on the TV?

Or would diving go on regardless?  Is it just naive to think that the game can be played and won without resorting to cheating?

No diving (web)

And let's not dress this up here - diving is cheating. Trying to con the referee to win a free kick may be effective. Getting an opponent booked or even sent off may help win you games. But it's still cheating.

But is cheating acceptable if it means winning a game? Is the result the be-all and end-all whatever level you play at?

Surely our beautiful game has not come to this?  Not at our level in the real grassroots where there aren't millions of pounds at stake?

And what can we do to solve the problem?  How can we reverse this worrying trend? Or are we just making a mountain out of a molehill? Is there really nothing to worry about?

Whatever you think, we want to hear from you!!  Have your say in the comments field below.  Let's get this matter sorted!

Club Website poll result:

Diving in football has been getting a lot of attention recently. Have you ever witnessed players taking a dive in your games?

- Yes, but only occasionally     46.6%
- Yes, it happens all the time     30.4%
- No, it's not a problem for us     23.0%

Total votes: 6,585

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