Graham Poll sets the record straight

Graham PollLet's be honest... we all love a bit of controversy in football, don't we?

Whether it's a dodgy off-side decision, a disputed card or a contentious goal, there's nothing better than a bit of debate with your mates after the game.

And wouldn’t life be dull without it?

Whether it's your local park on a Saturday morning or the bright lights of the Champions League final, football is an unpredictable game.

We've all been left baffled by a ref's decision at some point in our amateur games but, unless your league is way ahead of those we play in, you won't have had the beauty of  the benefit of TV replays to help find out if it was the ref's mistake or, just as likely, that everyone else failed to understand the rules properly!

But with Club Website you don't need TV replays as we've got out very own ref to sort things out!

Having spent a long career at the very top of the game, Graham Poll is no stranger to controversy but - one or two high profile blunders aside (don't mention three yellow cards!) - he is widely regarded as the UK 's top official of the last decade and one of the very best in the world.

Now Mr Poll is on hand each and every month to set the record straight for our readers in The Club House, Club Website's monthly e-newsletter.

Get involved

If you want to ask Graham a question about an incident you’ve seen, you can do one of two things. Either:

Graham answers the best questions each month in The Club House, while his ‘Question of the Month’ wins a personal signed copy of his bestselling book, ‘Seeing Red’.

July's Question of the Month – submitted by Neil Lane

Seeing Red"My son plays in goal for an U7 team and at the weekend his team had a free kick against them just outside the box. The manager from the other team got one of his players to stand in front of my son. He is small so could not see round this boy.

"The free kick was taken and scored without the GK being able to see the ball and the goal was given. Are players allowed to do this at this - or any - level?"

To see Graham’s answer to Neil’s question and the rest of this month’s top ten teasers, check out July’s Club House.

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