Welcome to the football revolution!

Something new and exciting is happening in football.

There’s revolution in the air. Change is afoot and Club Website is leading the way. Are you ready to join us?

We know how much you love the beautiful game and how important your football is to you.  We also know how essential your club website is for you and your club, so we’re here to help.

Welcome to the football revolution and the new look Club Website.  We launched at Grass Roots Football LIVE earlier this month and, as those of you who went will know, we made quite an impression!

mural_fri_1The Club Website Galacticos gave the Allstars a run for their money on the pitch while our new design grabbed the attention off it - our live artwork each day (right) certainly stole the show!

So thanks to all those of you who stopped by - it was great to meet you all and to get your feedback which, we're happy to say, was extremely positive!

For those of you who haven’t got wind of the revolution yet, our new charter outlines what we stand for.  Take a look and let us know what you think.  While you're at it, have a look around the rest of the site and get an idea about what the new Club Website is all about.

Keep your finger on the pulse

Keep up to date with all that’s new at Club Website.  Our new and improved news and updates section will keep you up to date with all that’s hot and happening at Club Website and in the wider world of grassroots football.

RSSTo stay well and truly ahead of the game, sign up to our new RSS feed for all of our news as we publish it.

RSS feeds are a great way of making the news come to you, rather than you looking for it.  Just get yourself a free RSS reader - such as Google Reader - and then subscribe to our RSS feed.  Club Website's news will then come to you. Simple as that!

Shape the debate

We’ll tell you what’s going on and what we think of it, but if you don’t like what you read - we’re not always right you know! - then tell us what you think.

We want to change football for the better and, to do that, we need you involved! You are the people on the ground, the real voice of football in the UK and so we want you to shape the debate.

Tell us what’s right and wrong with the game in this country, what's great about the game and what's downright rubbish.  Tell us what topics that you think we should be covering and which people we should be speaking to.  If you talk to us, we promise we’ll listen.

To help spark the debate and gather your all-important views, we've set up the new comments section you can see below this article.

So what are you waiting for?  Tell us what you think - as simple or as earth-shattering as you like.  We want to hear from you - be part of the revolution!

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