Graham Poll answers your refereeing queries

Club Website's refereeing expert Graham Poll answers your grassroots refereeing queries.

Controversy is part and parcel of football from junior leagues to the Champions League, from Hackney Marshes to Stamford Bridge... and wouldn’t the game be dull without it?

Whilst refereeing decisions cause debate throughout the game, those involved at the grassroots level don’t have the privilege of TV replays and studio pundits to pore over the big decisions... until now that is!

Club Website may not be able to provide the replays - not yet anyway! - but we can bring you the pundit to help settle the debate... and who better than the UK’s top referee of the last decade, Graham Poll!

Yes, the man in the middle of many a big game over the years joins us right here at Club Website each and every month to set the record straight on your grassroots refereeing queries.

To ask Graham a question about an incident you’ve seen, email and you will automatically be put into a draw for a Club Website football, won this month by Graham Fraser.

The best questions each month are answered by Mr Poll in our monthly newsletter, The Club House, while Graham’s 'Question of the Month' wins a personal signed copy of his bestselling book, 'Seeing Red'.

Thanks for all your entries and please keep them coming. If you didn’t make it onto our shortlist, there’s always next month!

Question of the month - submitted by Keith Tinkler, secretary of Howden Town AFC

"A friend of mine was recently in control of an under 13 match when a player passed the ball back to one of his team mates. However the receiving player decided to step over the ball, allowing it to run through to his goalkeeper, who picked the ball up and the game continued.

"Should a free kick have been awarded for a back pass, even though the original pass was intended for an outfield player? Note the goalkeeper did not call for the ball to be left."

To find out Graham's answer to Keith's question and read the rest of this month's six of the best teasers for our man in the middle, check out May's edition of The Club House.

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