World 'keepy-up' record smashed!

Think you’re good at 'keepy-uppies'? Can you juggle the ball for so long you get a bit bored? Well you ain’t seen nothing yet!

Football freestyler Dan Magness today broke the Guinness World Record for this favourite footballers’ pastime by keeping the ball in their air for over 24 hours.

That’s right... one whole day!

Having started his marathon session in London’s Covent Garden at 2pm on 30 April, Magness juggled the ball through the night and into today, passing the previous record of 19.5 hours set by Martinho Eduardo Orige in 2003 late this morning.

And then, after an incredible series of over 208,000 touches, the self-proclaimed 'Ginger Freestyler' set a brand new benchmark as he passed the 24 hour mark.

The event, organised by PlayStationTM Freestylers, drew watching crowds to gather around the glass cage in which Magness performed and he kept them enthralled with his display of concentration and skill for a non-stop marathon, a few regulation and Guinness World Record-approved rest breaks aside!

"He has followed the Guinness guidelines to a tee," said Gareth Brocklebank, Magness’s manager. "He is as strong as an ox."

If you’re a decent football freestyler, why not get practising now?  Who knows, one day, you may be able to reach the dizzy heights of Magness’ amazing effort.

They say practice makes perfect, so off you go - only 208,000 to go!

1... 2... 3...

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