Poll result: Respect programme not working

The Respect programme is yet to make a difference to behaviour in football, according to the majority of Club Website readers.

In a recent Club Website poll, 56% of readers argued that the programme has made no difference to the game at either at grassroots or professional level since its launch at the start of the 2008/09 season.

19% of readers felt that the programme had made a positive impact at all levels of the game, whilst 15% believe that grassroots football has benefited from the programme despite no improvement in the professional game.

Conversely, 10% believe that the professional game has seen a benefit this year, whilst they have not noticed an improvement at grassroots level.

One thing is for sure, the word 'Respect' has never been too far from the football agenda this season, with countless panel debates and phone-ins featuring heated discussion on the issue.

Howard Webb, the current number one ranked referee in England, recently backed the FA's high profile campaign, whilst top ex-referee and Club Website refereeing guru Graham Poll argued that the programme is doomed in the professional game until the FA back their referees properly. Poll did believe that the programme had had some positive impact at grassroots level.

To read more on the arguments of these two top referees, click here.


Poll result: Has the Respect campaign had a positive effect on behaviour in football so far this season?

56.4% - No, neither at grassroots or professional level
19.2% - Yes, at all levels of the game
14.6% - Yes, at grassroots level only
9.7% - Yes, at professional level only

Poll size: 2,913


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