Homeless World Cup a huge success

The sixth Homeless World Cup took place in Melbourne in December, as thousands of spectators and players from around the world came together for a unique street football tournament to tackle the issue of homelessness.

From 1 - 7 December, 56 teams from across the globe played out 300 fast and furious matches showcasing the skill and passion of over 500 homeless and marginalised players from around the world.

The tournament uses football as a catalyst to encourage people who are homeless to change their lives; and to change the attitudes of governments, media, public and key influencers to create better solutions to homelessness around the world.

The people of Melbourne embraced the event, with over 130,000 people turning out over the course of the week to pack grandstands, cheer, chant and stomp their appreciation of the players and their sportsmanship.

Homeless World Cup founder and president Mel Young said: "The Melbourne 2008 Homeless World Cup has demonstrated yet again that sport has tremendous power to change lives. It has shown that working together we can create real, lasting change. Together we can end homelessness. It is everyone’s game."

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How can I help the Homeless World Cup?

The Homeless World Cup is possible because of all the people around the world uniting to support sport for social change.

You can help support the tournament in a number of ways - join the fan club from £10, buy the T-shirt, make a donation or raise some money via sponsorship.

To do your bit to help out, visit www.homelessworldcup.org.

Image courtesy of the Homeless World Cup's Flickr group.  Click here to view more photos.

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