Poll result: Winter break splits opinion

The possibility of an extended winter break for grassroots football has caused a split down the middle with Club Website readers, our latest poll has revealed.

The amateur game stopped for the traditional Christmas break on the weekend of 27-28 December, but that was the only weekend taken off by a large number of leagues.

Many leagues scheduled fixtures right up until the weekend before Christmas and then gave people the chance to run off the mince pies just a couple of days into the New Year.

48% of Club Website readers believed that just a single weekend off was not enough, while 52% of readers were keen to get playing.

Of these, 35% of voters said that the winter break was “too long already”. Whilst not all leagues would be taking just the single weekend off, this does suggest that some people would be happy to play on the weekend between Christmas and New Year.

17% of readers were happy with the length of break they received this winter, while 25% believed that we should have at least two weeks off.

One of the main arguments for an extended winter break is that grassroots football pitches generally take a battering of the cause of a season and, come February, often resemble a mud bath.

23% of Club Website readers believe that a long winter break of at least a month would provide a much needed rest for these pitches at a time when the weather is at it’s worst.

With so many pitches located on public playing fields, however, it would be impossible to give the pitches a complete rest to recover.

Such a change seems highly unlikely in a country with such an appetite for playing football. Certainly if the majority, albeit a slight majority, have their way, we’ll continue coming black to play football straight away once the festive celebrations are over.

Poll result: Amateur footballers put their feet up between Christmas and New Year, but is a longer winter break a good idea?

34.9% – No, the break is too long already.
25.3% – Yes, we should have at least 2 weeks off
22.8% – Yes, we should stop for a month to let pitches recover
16.9% – No, the break is long enough already

Poll size: 5,985

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