Poll result: Women's football not getting enough publicity

Four out of five Club Website readers think that women's football does not get the coverage it deserves.

Football is the most popular female sport in the UK, but a Club Website poll has found that 80% of readers think that it is still not getting enough publicity.

Coverage of the game has increased over recent years, with the BBC broadcasting live coverage of England's matches at the 2007 World Cup, amongst others.

43% of readers believe that publicity around the women's game has improved but still has some way to go, whilst 37% of readers thought that there is "nowhere near enough" coverage.

Indeed, women's football is a poor relation to the men's game when it comes to coverage of club football and the English Premier League clubs have, for some time, been considering a summer league.

Such a move, which would provide more exposure for the game with no male football competing for viewers, would no doubt be welcomed by the majority of our poll respondents.

However, not all Club Website readers will be concerned with the change to summer league. 20% of poll respondents believe that, with women's football bigger than it has ever been before, it currently gets all the publicity it needs.


Poll result: Football is the most popular female sport in the UK, but does it get the publicity it deserves?

43.4% - No, it’s getting there but still a way to go
37.1% - No, nowhere near enough
19.5% - Yes, it’s bigger than ever before

Poll size: 3,428


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