Homeless World Cup reaches knockout stage

The Homeless World Cup is heating up down under, with the knockout stages taking place this weekend.

After two lengthy group stages during the first five days of the tournament, the best eight teams in the tournament have now progressed to the quarter finals of the main World Cup tournament, whilst the other teams have moved into other cup competitions.

England and Scotland are amongst those top eight teams and are on a collision course for the quarter finals, where the old football rivals come face to face.

The winners could face a possible semi-final against Ghana, who are sporting a Club Website kit for the tournament after Club Website donated a couple of kits to the Klang Martilus Football Academy in Accra following a request from a British volunteer worker at the academy, who have provided players for the tournament.

Quarter-final line up
QF1. Ukraine v Ghana
QF2. Afghanistan v Kenya
QF3. Scotland v England
QF4. Brazil v Russia

All the knockout action takes places this weekend with the 2009 Homeless World Cup Champions being crowned on Sunday morning UK time.

Club Website will bring you a summary of the action on Monday, but if you want to keep up with the action visit www.homelessworldcup.org. This website also gives you the chance to support the Homeless World Cup.

How can I help?

The Homeless World Cup is possible because of all the people around the world uniting to support sport for social change.

You can help support the tournament in a number of ways - join the fan club from £10, buy the T-shirt, make a donation or raise some money via sponsorship.

To do your bit to help out, visit www.homelessworldcup.org.

About the Homeless World Cup

The Homeless World Cup has brought together 56 teams from across the globe for a unique street football tournament. It uses football as a catalyst to encourage people who are homeless to change their lives; and to change the attitudes of governments, media, public and key influencers to create better solutions to homelessness around the world.

The annual event unites teams of people who are homeless to take a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to represent their country at the beautiful game.

It has triggered and supports grassroots football programs in over 60 nations engaging 30,000 homeless players all year round.

World-leading social entrepreneur Mel Young founded the tournament in 2003, where Graz in Austria played host to the inaugural tournament.

Since then it has gained great momentum in Gothenburg, Sweden (2004), Edinburgh, Scotland (2005), Cape Town, South Africa (2006) and Copenhagen, Denmark (2007). It will visit Milan, Italy in 2009.

Research consistently demonstrates that over 70 per cent of players involved in the tournament experience a significant life change. They come off drugs and alcohol, move into homes, jobs, education and training, repair relationships and even become coaches and players.

The legacy of the Melbourne event will be the roll out of 30 street soccer programs across Australia.

For more information on the Homeless World Cup, including match reports, photos, team profiles and much more, visit www.homelessworldcup.org.

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