Poll result: Let the kids play (most of the time)

The issue of children's football was on the agenda this week in Club Website's latest poll.

We asked whether, in junior football, all players should be given the same amount of time on the pitch during a game regardless of ability... and the results were interesting, to say the least.

In the blue corner were those in favour of letting all kids, no matter how good they are, play an equal amount of time.

Enjoyment and participation for all are the most important factors here, allowing all kids to play the same amount, no matter who the opposition or how important the game.

50% of Club Website readers supported this view, the response with the single biggest share of the vote.

In the red corner were those who believe that winning it important at all ages and would therefore expect the best players to play more often.

Success and developing a winning mentality are the key factors here, with that argument that kids enjoy football more when they win.

28% of respondents held this view, suggesting that kids should be given the best chance to win by allowing the best players to play more often, regardless of the game.

The remaining 22% of voters were caught between the two points of view. They supported all kids being given equal time on the field unless the game was an important one, in which case they would rather field their strongest team.

So, this indicates that 72% of Club Website readers want to see all kids involved as much as possible in an average game of football.

However, when the pressure is on and the big game comes around they are split right down the middle 50/50 on whether kids enjoyment should come before success.

Food for thought indeed!


Poll result: In junior football, should all players be given the same amount of time on the pitch during a game, regardless of ability?

50% - Yes, always. Getting kids involved is the most important thing.
28% - No. Winning is important at all ages, so the best players should play more often.
22% - Yes, unless it is an important game.

Poll size: 7,413


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