Poll result: Goal line technology gets the thumbs up

Club website readers have voted overwhelmingly in favour of an introduction of goal line technology in top flight football.

In Club Website's latest poll, 69% of readers voted in favour of the possible change, which would help eradicate high profile and often costly mistakes by officials in professional football.

Senior football officials have, in the past, cited the game's grassroots as a reason for resisting such a change, claiming that if a rule change could not be applied across the whole of the game, it should not be made at all.

But now Club Website readers - the very people who make up the grassroots game - have now poured cold water on that particular theory, as only 13% of respondents used such an argument as the reason for not introducing technology in the top flight.

Food for thought for the game's governing bodies then?

Of course, football should remain as the people's game and the basic rules of the game should remain the same from Sunday league pitches to the World Cup final, but this hasn't prevented other examples of technology being employed at the top end of the game.

Drug testing, for example, could never be applied across the country's entire football network. Also, red cards are often rescinded in the top flight following a review of video evidence after a game - a luxury not afforded on Hackney Marshes.

So why not go the same way and put an end to goal line disputes once and for all?

Poll result - Should goal line technology be introduced in top flight football?

69% - Yes. Anything to help ensure the right decisions are made.
18% - No. Disputed decisions are just part of the game, end of story.
13% - No. If a change can’t also be applied at grassroots level, it shouldn’t be applied at all.

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