Club Website fundraising earns Rovers Wembley trip

Eythorne Rovers have shown other clubs around the country how to make the most of the Club Website's fundraising potential. The boys' football club from Kent have used their club website to raise over £500 which they used to treat all of their players to a luxury trip to Wembley.

The club attracted eight sponsors who each paid £50 to display their logo on Rovers' club website homepage. Rovers also raised another £136 by encouraging club members to do their online shopping via their Club Shop, thus raising money for the club through cashback.

The money raised was used to pay for a luxury coach trip from Dover to Wembley plus a guided tour of the famous stadium. The extra revenue covered the costs for the trip of each of the club's 24 kids, only one of whom had ever been to Wembley.

Club fundraiser and website administrator Colin Smith told Club Website "The boys were rather excited at the prospect of seeing the new stadium and were particularly impressed with the thought of having their photos taken with the FA Cup in the Royal Box."

According to Smith, who also organised a quiz and raffle for the boys and their parents on the journey down, the experience lived up to the expectations. "The highlights were being allowed to handle the England shirts from the England v Russia game in the players changing rooms and walking out to the roar of the crowd through the players' tunnel."

"All the children and parents thoroughly enjoyed this day to remember. On their behalf I would like to say a big thank you to Club Website."

Maximise your club's fundraising potential

If your club would like to have a similar fun day out without the drain on club finances, then make sure you maximise your fundraising potential as Eythorne Rovers have. Speak to local businesses about advertising on your club website homepage and make sure all of your club members use your Club Shop for all their online shopping. Don't delay - you could be making money for your club today!

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