Teamer Spotlight: Nuneaton 1st XI

This week we visit Warwickshire in the UK to find out how Nuneaton Hockey Club are using Teamer to gain the edge over their competitors.

Roger Stokes is the club's Media Director and a veteran Teamer user.  He sat down to tell us about the club's experiences using the app and how it has helped them over the last few years.

When did you first sign up for Teamer?

Must be five-six years ago. Best thing we've done to make the selection process so much easier.

Why did you start using Teamer?

We found that, at our selection nights on Mondays, it was so time consuming for each and every captain either texting, ringing or emailing the players, that it was getting ridiculous. Quite often players would take ages to respond to phone calls, or simply didn't bother. Same with texts or emails.

I found the Teamer site one night whilst browsing for something that would assist with selection. Absolutely perfect - I have run this for our teams for the past five-six seasons.

How does Teamer help you and your team?

We now have three men's hockey teams - we did have 5 some years ago. That's a different story.

Once our captains have met up on a Monday evening, the teams are either texted or emailed to me, and all I have to do is add each player to the correct team list, and when it's complete, click send. That is ONE message going to between 11-14 players. Then all they have to do is reply Y or N as to whether they are available or not. The responses come back to me via the Teamer app, and update our team lists on our website - captains can then deal with selecting replacements for anyone unable to make it. So much easier - centralised.

We can see at a glance who hasn't responded and chase them up. They may have put a reason why they can't play - injured, can't play before 1pm etc. This helps to switch teams for them if necessary.

Why is Teamer better than texting/emailing/calling?

Simply saves so much time and effort - which a lot of players don't seem to like these days.

Automatic reminders are also sent to those who haven't responded - again, saving time for someone to chase them up in their own time.

Which elements of Teamer do you use the most?

Definitely the team selection feature, but also the messages feature if a social event is coming up. Again, ONE text gets sent to over 60 members so it cuts down so much time otherwise spent on phone calls, or sending individual texts. Simply group messaging which everyone is used to on smartphones these days. It can be used to gauge interest in any forthcoming events such as quiz nights or race nights.

We use the man of the match voting system too. This actually helps us gauge which players are up for player of the year.

Being able to check players' attendance over whatever period is also extremely useful, and individuals can add any dates they're not available weeks in advance so the captains don't pick them.

How user-friendly do you find Teamer?

Very very easy to use. You can teach yourself in about five minutes.

What are your favourite aspects of using Teamer?

As mentioned, for team selection essentially - very quickly and easily informs us of acceptances and rejections as they come in. Also for messaging large number of players in one go.

Teamer is available to any sports team in the world and is 100% free. Sign your team up today!

Are you a Teamer user? If you want your team to be in the spotlight let us know -

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