Teamer​ ​acquires​ ​UK​ ​sports​ ​competition & club​ ​platform​ ​FixturesLive

We are delighted to announce that we have acquired FixturesLive, the leading UK based competition management platform.

Created in 2001, FixturesLive is an online platform for the management of sports leagues and clubs, also providing powerful data tools for governing bodies and sporting organisations.

With more than 400 leagues, the company is a market leader in the provision of digital tools for the administration and organisation of sports leagues and clubs.

The purchase cements our position as the market leading provider of league and competition management software our acquisition of Club Website in 2015.

"Teamer has evolved from being the app of choice for sports teams to organise themselves to a diverse sports platform that covers team, club and competition management with integrated payments and communication. We are excited to welcome FixturesLive users to the Teamer platform" said Teamer CEO Robert Mattar.

FixturesLive Founder David Lloyd-Williams commented:

“We are delighted to be joining forces with Teamer, a leading player in the global sports tech space. It is a great opportunity to build on our achievements so far.”  

There will be no changes to the FixturesLive systems for the coming winter season, nor to the support the FixturesLive have been providing for the last 17 years - so please carry on as normal.

We will be in touch in the months ahead about changes and new features, to provide an improved and more joined-up experience for everyone.

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