Five reasons to use Teamer this season

You love coaching and managing, but admit it, trying to communicate with your players every week can become tiresome.

Teamer is here to help you, and below are five reasons why signing up for our free sports organisation app could be the best thing you do all season.

1. Create events

Teamer allows organisers to set up events for matches, training or any other club meetings or functions. You can set the time your players need to meet for the event, where the event is (with the aid of a map showing its exact location) and any other arrangements on the day. Teamer is perfect for parents because it shows exactly where their child needs to be for training or matches, allowing them to plan ahead without any confusion caused by long email or text conversations.

2. Send notifications

Teamer allows you to pick the players you want to notify, and the form of notification they receive. You can specify whether they should receive their notification by email, text or using the Teamer alert. As replies are received, your Teampage updates with real time response information letting you know who can and cannot make the upcoming game. All email and mobile app notifications are completely free to send and each team gets 200 free text messages every month for event notifications. Bad weather? Events can be cancelled in seconds online or from your phone, letting all members know not to show up. You can even select replacements that will be automatically notified about the game if one of your team is unavailable.

3. Take payments

It can be a hassle collecting payments from forgetful players. How many times have you told your team to bring their subs with them for the game on Saturday, only to be let down? Teamer Payments allows you to easily collect player payments. In just a matter of minutes, you can now collect any payment from annual membership fees to kit payments or match day subs to the payments of fines – all via our safe and secure platform. It takes just minutes to sign up, and it is easy to set up payment requests that specify what the payment is for, how much and who it should go to. Teamer Payments, which is linked to your Teamer account, also includes a host of other great features including automatic payment reminders and allowing team members to pay by monthly instalments.

4. More time to focus on coaching

Using Teamer takes away much of the onerous administration and unnecessary communication involved with running a team. This therefore enables you to focus on arguably the most enjoyable aspect – coaching. You will now have far more time to plan training sessions and introduce new drills to improve your players and keep them engaged ahead of matches, safe in the knowledge that event notifications have been sent out, reminders are in place, and you have a standby list, should anyone be unavailable.

5. It’s free!

Our app costs you nothing to use. You can download for free on android or IOS, meaning you can have your team in your pocket at all times. Log-in when you want on mobile, tablet or desktop, and organise your starting line-up. We are always making improvements to the platform and soon you will be able to link Teamer seamlessly to Club Website and League Website.

As you can see, Teamer takes much of the stress out of organising your players, meaning you can focus more on the fun stuff. Sign up today for free. It could be your team’s best addition of the season.

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