Parents banned from school sports day after “threatening to punch teachers in the face”

We’ve written a number of blogs over the last few months on how to be an encouraging, supportive parent when it comes to youth sport.

The importance of not interfering with coaches, referees and teachers has been written about in depth.

It appears that a number of parents at Howard Junior School in King’s Lynn, Norfolk, have not been reading.

The parents allegedly shouted abuse and threatened to punch teachers. All parents have subsequently been banned from sports day.

Headteacher Gregory Hill said: “Staff have the right to feel safe coming to school and if parents cannot conduct themselves appropriately then to ensure the safety of staff, pupils and indeed other parents we have decided that this year’s sports day will take place with pupils only and unfortunately parents are not now invited.”

One parent, who did not want to be named, said she saw the incident.

“I’ve witnessed some of it. Parents threatening to punch teachers in the face, witnessed by the children," she was quoted by Eastern Daily Press.

“Essentially there’s a handful of parents who object to their kids being told off and they’ve snowballed it into a personal vendetta against Mr Hill.

“It’s horrible that kids will be doing sports day without parents, but the way some parents have acted towards staff is appalling.

“My opinion is it’s more important my kids are safeguarded from the abuse they’ve had to witness recently. If that means a short term ban on parents so be it.”

If ever there was an example of a small minority ruining it for everyone, this were it.

Below is a spot of light summer reading for the guilty parties!

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