Welsh volunteers wanted as FAW launches new grassroots football hub

The Football Association of Wales has launched a brand new hub that seeks to link willing volunteers with grassroots football clubs and associations.

After 1,200 volunteers helped to create a memorable Champions League final in Cardiff on Saturday, the FAW's focus has turned to harnessing more volunteer support for the grassroots game.

Launched as part of Volunteers Week, the FAW Trust hope their new hub will help them honour their commitment to grow the game by providing a space for people who love football to get involved.

"Volunteers are the bedrock of our game," said FAW Trust CEO Neil Ward. "They're the people who make things happen on a day-to-day basis, make the game what it is and help it thrive.

"They mark the pitch, collect the subs, put up the nets and are the people who make the game happen at a local level.

"This hub gives us a great opportunity to get more people like that involved in the game."

The new hub is designed to reach out to a wide range of people who have skills to offer the game but might not even realise that they can be of service to a local club.

So if you're good at admin, handy with marketing or social media, a trained first-aider or simply good at working with young people, then the FAW Trust want to hear from you.

To get involved, visit survey.fawtrust.cymru and answer a few simple questions so that the FAW Trust can match your skill set up with local clubs to you who could do with a helping hand.

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