Premier League Players’ Kit Scheme open for applications

School football teams across England and Wales are invited to apply for a brand new kit following the re-opening of the Premier Players' Kit Scheme.

The scheme, which has provided kits to over 2,000 junior football teams, was launched in 2011 thanks to a fund of £500,000 donated by players from the 20 Premier League teams.

Unfortunately for many Club Website members, the current application window is not open to grassroots football teams, but schools, further education institutions and district representative sides are all invited to apply for a new kit before the window closes on 4 May.

Manchester City and England star James Milner has backed the scheme, speaking from first hand experience of how a new kit can make a positive impact on a school football team.

"I was on the team at Westbrook Lane School a couple of years ahead of my time and the second year I played there I remember we got a new kit," said Milner, after presenting a kit to Ravensbury Primary School, in the shadow of City’s Etihad Stadium.

"It was maroon and light blue, the school colours, and I remember feeling great to put on a new kit. We were no longer having to rifle through the kit bag, looking for two matching socks, or socks with holes in them!

"So I have experienced myself how a new kit can have a big impact on someone who loves football. But for kids who are not into football or are into fashion, a new school kit might give them an incentive to get into football.

"They could be into football for life from something as simple as getting a new school kit. It can give them the confidence to go out and play football because it makes them feel good and look good."

Ravensbury Primary School is part of the schools’ sport programme run by City in the Community, Manchester City’s charitable foundation. At the school, Milner chatted to the pupils and got involved in the coaching sessions laid on by the CITC coaches for the schoolchildren.

Announcing this year’s scheme opening, Premier League Chief Executive Richard Scudamore said: “The Premier League Players’ Kit Scheme has been providing kit to junior teams for the past three years and it is great to see this latest supply being made available to schools’ teams.

"The thrill of getting a new school football kit, and the chance to wear the Premier League badge on their shirt, will hopefully motivate children to continue participating in sport, football or otherwise.”

To apply for the Premier League Players' Kit Scheme, or to find out more, please click here. This application window is open until 5pm on Sunday 4 May.

Eligibility criteria:

• Applications are welcome from any English and Welsh state, academy or free schools, higher education colleges or district representative teams. Public schools are not eligible.

• Applicants must not have received a Premier League Players' Kit Scheme kit in the previous two seasons.

• Each grant recipient will receive one full-team kit (shirts, shorts & socks).

• A maximum of one grant will be issued per institution.

• Anyone submitting multiple applications will be automatically disqualified.

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